DR David Jerimiah
Howard Dayton
I don't think I have ever emailed a radio station or an announcer before, but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your portion of the day! Your music selection is so encouraging and authoritative spiritually. Your prayer time also! I enjoy it much. Keep it up!

God Bless KLMP and Staff: Thank you! Thank you! I love KLMP, the announcers, the music and programs all day long…I love to listen to some of the programs twice a day! God’s word and KLMP have been a light in my life for years! Jesus stays me daily.

My message is always the same, but sincerely from my heart, "Thank you for all you do. Please keep on for Jesus & souls. God Bless and keep you one & all."

Hi, you asked for input into what KLMP means to us. Well it has changed our lives and our marriage. Hearing all the great programs every day in our home have made us aware of attitudes and behaviors we need to change and how much God loves us. We have a better understanding of the Bible and who we are in Christ. When there are days of static and I can’t get the station tuned in I feel really lost. My favorites are Family Life, Focus on the Family, Dr D James Kennedy, Chuck Swindle and David Jeremiah, also Joyce Meyer. Thank you for all that you do and God Bless you.

This is an AWESOME Christian radio station. Keep up the good work. In Christian Love

KLMP I really enjoy listening when I am in my car. The music is great and I regularly listen to Charles Stanley & Greg Laurie. Sometimes I hit other programs.  God Bless & Thanks

God bless you all & keep you. Thank you for what you do, please keep on for Jesus, souls, and freedom.

Thank you all for always being there for me & my family. God Bless you

KLMP keeps me focused. This channel is a great way to get me back on track when everything and everyone around me at work is chaotic. I work at a hospital and my surroundings are often busy and not like I like them to be.  That can kind of suck you in if you are not careful. I am so thankful for the music and truth you play that gets me back in the mindset of love, patience and just knowing who I am truly working and living for. Thanks again.

"My name is Pat.  I listen to you and I am very blessed by your morning show.  Within the last year and a half, I have lost my husband and son to death.  Thanks for being transparent.  You help me a lot!"

KLMP thank you for the encouragement you provide each day! I have listened to Christian radio for the last 20 –25 years and just can’t seem to “listen” to other radio stations!

KLMP has been a blessing in my life. Radio goes on when alarm goes off (AM) and kitchen radio is also turned on everyday. Keeps me focused for the day. Really enjoy morning through early afternoon as you have great speakers and enjoy the music as well.  God Bless you

Thank you for the positive message you bring to our Black Hills area. May God Bless You Abundantly

Thank you for Wonderful programs on KLMP.

Thank you for the encouragement you provide each day!

I know that KLMP is a real light and voice in this area. It keeps me on track and focused on the LORD.

I listen to KLMP mostly – I don’t know if this is a combined effort with the other stations or not – but I know that your broadcasting is a real light and voice in this area – it keeps me on track and focused on the Lord! Thanks and God Bless

Thank you so much for all you do. I praise God every time I remember you in my prayers! AM

My husband enjoys listening to your radio station. He is a truck driver so he is in a vehicle a lot and it gives him comfort and peace. I listen to the station on my way to work and on my way home. Thanks for your program.

Thank you again for all that you do. Your radio station has truly been a blessing to me. God bless you and the station.

Thanks for your ministry.

Thank you for being such a great radio station to listen to. I listen to it everyday of the week. I always make sure to listen in the morning, thank for all you do!

I wanted to let you know that this station is great!! I was soooooo tired of rock and country, but one night I was scanning and this one popped up, and I fell in Love!!! I work from nights have really started to make my journey back to Jesus because of the Pastors, music and testimonies that are "aired". Thank you again!!...

God bless you all for the hope and encouragement you bring to a dark and hurting world. I am greatly blessed by your ministry and I will keep you in prayer.

I do enjoy listening to KLMP. The Christian music I hear driving to work and especially on the way home brings me peace.

I can’t express how appreciative I am for KLMP. It is so soothing to me. It gives me such support. I know KLMP is sent by God. It gives me everything I need at the right time. My wife passed away from cancer, and I find peace listening KLMP. I like to say that I am a born-again, baptized, blood-bought, charismatic, Catholic-Christian. Thank you for the work you do.

KLMP Staff! Thank you for all you do! God Bless You All!