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Hope For the Heart with June Hunt


Weekdays at 3:00 PM


Today’s Hope For The Heart is a half-hour program that shatters most of the commonly held misconceptions about Christian radio . . . It is changing minds, changing hearts and changing lives with a multifaceted “magazine-style” format. June Hunt launched the original Hope For The Heart broadcast in 1986, on 23 U.S. radio stations.


During its first year it was awarded the National Religious Broadcasters Genesis Award for the “Best New Radio Program,” and in 1989 Hope For The Heart was again honored as the “NRB Radio Program of the Year.” The ministry’s approach to counseling has always been based on the Biblical Counseling Keys, which present clear scriptural solutions to 100 real-life problems, ranging from Depression to Wife Abuse, Self-Worth to Forgiveness.


Founded in 2002, the Biblical Counseling Institute (BCI) is a vital part of Hope For The Heart’s training program. BCI conferences equip pastors, counselors, ministry leaders, and other caring people with practical solutions to life’s most challenging problems. These in-depth conferences train those attending to apply the Biblical Counseling Keys to relevant, real-life situations within the learning environment of an interactive group. In a lively, multi-media format using real counseling calls from the ministry’s Hope In The Night radio broadcast, the BCI brings the Counseling Keys to life. Hope For The Heart now offers 20 conferences annually.


In 2006 the decision was made to launch a new, half-hour Hope For The Heart, which now replaces the original 15-minute format. The drive for the new program was the recognition of the exciting interaction between June and the BCI attendees and the emotional impact of the recorded calls from the live 2-hour call-in counseling program, Hope In The Night. Creatively packaged by an outstanding team of broadcast professionals, the result has been an even more listener-friendly and effective format than the original 15 minutes of in-studio conversation.


A clear link has been established from calls on Hope In The Night to the Biblical Counseling Institute to the dynamic 30-minute daily broadcast  which can be heard on Christian stations from coast to coast. In the words of Rich Bott, President of the Bott Radio Network, “Hope In The Night is the gold mine . . . The new Hope For The Heart is the jewelry store!”