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Real Recovery with Bill Arnold and George Fraser


Saturdays at 4:00 AM

Sundays at 4:00 AM


Bill Arnold and George Fraser share real stories of recovery and hope, helping lead those struggling with addictions out of that lifestyle and into relationship with Christ.


Bill Arnold (left) is a comedian, comic-magician, and emcee based in Minneapolis, MN. He is also the co-writer & co-star of the nationally acclaimed show, Triple Espresso… a highly caffeinated comedy! Bill enjoyed a 17-year run as “Buzz Maxwell” in Triple Espresso, which has played to more than 2 million people in over 50 cities and 6 countries since its opening. As you listen to Real Recovery, you’ll notice his humor, that is both clever and unquestionably appropriate.


George Fraser (right) was the Program Director for the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) based in Minneapolis, MN.  The ARC provides an in-residence rehabilitation program with a focus on basic necessities. Each program participant receives a clean and healthy living environment, good food, work therapy, leisure time activities, group and individual counseling, spiritual direction and the resources needed to develop life skills and a personal relationship with God.