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I live in England near the Port of Southamption (where the Titanic sailed from!) and just wanted to say that I’ve been really encouraged to the programs on KL...


Thanks for giving me focus in the mist of whatever. This channel is a great way to get me back on track when everything and everyone around me at work is chaotic. I work at a hospital in admissions, so my surroundings are not like I like them to be and that can kind of suck you in if you are not careful. Am so thankful for the music and truth you play to get me back in the mindset of love, patience and just knowing who am truly working and living for. Thanks again.


Dear KLMP,

Thank you so much for including Sturgis Regional Senior Care in the My Golden Valentine Project” There truly are no words to describe the joy that was expressed with each valentine. We were so surprised and pleased to receive not one but several valentines handmade especially for our residents, many of whom never receive mail. What a wonderful out reach. Sincerely, R. Activity Director. Sturgis Regional Senior Care.


I live in England near the Port of Southamption (where the Titanic sailed from!) and just wanted to say that I’ve been really encouraged to the programs on KLMP. I was particularly touched by your testimony of the test results & the time of prayer following that! For info I listen mostly by my Blackberry via Tune In Radio and occasionally Listen Live through the KLMP website. With Love in Jesus to you & the Team at KLMP


Hi, I live in Trinidad, Which is one of the islands in the Caribbean. Since I can listen to internet radio on my phone, I have access to over maybe 1000 stations. But I only listen to ONE! KLMP The Light! I have listened to other Christian stations but this is the ONLY station I have listened to and LOVE EVERY SONG PLAYED! Thank you for your excellent choice of music! I am a worship leader in my church and this station helps me a lot! Keep doing an excellent job for the Lord! Be blessed. JW


Dear KLMP,
Praise the Lord this AM 4.30.2013 I was trying to get a different radio station when I heard music from my 5th radio Christian. I’m listening to it now 11: 11 a Christian born again baptized as Acts 2:38 says.


Dear Ones: I do love daily devotional and pass it on to my grandchildren we I am done! Today I received a call from a dear friend with faith issues. Her view of faith and church family are so skewed due to the church chosen by her parents. Over the years I’ve seen her grow and would love her to have your devotional in her hands. It is so effective in illuminating the true nature of God.Just what she needs. I’ve also asked her to find a Christian radio station in her area-recommending she listen and fill her heart with music. It’s non-threating and non-invasive and God will work through that! (If you have a suggestion re: a station in northern Illinois, let me know!) Thank you for all you do so well in the name of God. VS


I love Steven Curtis Chapman.  Thanks for ministering to us and helping us prepare for our day!!

God Bless KLMP and Staff:
Thank you! Thank you! I love KLMP, the announcers, the music and programs all day long…I love to listen to some of the programs twice a day! God’s word and KLMP have been a light in my life for years! Jesus stays me daily. LL

Dear Klmp,

I listen to your station quite often (since we moved in Feb 08) you put together a great daily program. I am 59 years old, and have your programs esp. in the pickup, between jobs. Thanks for the blessing you provided for me.


My message is always the same, but sincerely from my heart Thank you for all you do. Please keep on for Jesus & souls. God Bless and keep you one & all.


Hi, you asked for input into what KLMP means to us. Well it has changed our lives and our marriage. Hearing all the great programs every day in our home have made us aware of attitudes and behaviors we need to change and how much God loves us. We have a better understanding of the Bible and who we are in Christ. When there are days of static and I can’t get the station tuned in I feel really lost. My favorites are Family Life, Focus on the Family, Dr D James Kennedy, Chuck Swindle and David Jeremiah, also Joyce Meyer. Thank you for all that you do and God Bless you.


Last year was a very difficult year for me. I lost an immediate family member, lost my business, almost lost my home, and went in debt of over $200,000.00. I did not honor my pledge to you because of all that. I failed to trust God to supply it. Please forgive me and ask if it would be ok to honor it now. Here is $500.00 now and $400.00 will be to you by August. Thank You


This is an AWESOME Christian radio station. Keep up the good work. In Christian Love


Thank you all for the wonderful ministry! Please accept our donation for both KLMP & KSLT.


KLMP I really enjoy listening when I am in my car. The music is great and I regularly listen to Charles Stanley & Greg Laurie. Sometimes I hit other programs.  God Bless & Thanks


God bless you all & keep you. Thank you for what you do, please keep on for Jesus, souls, and freedom.


Thank you all for always being there for me & my family. God Bless you


I am sure God has brought me KLMP as I drive to work. I am inspired and eager to learn of his love! This year he spoke to me and told me he would hold me as I did what I love “barrel racing” so in turn he told me to give you the money I win! It is not much but hopefully more to come!


KLMP thank you for the encouragement you provide each day! I have listened to Christian radio for the last 20 –25 years and just can’t seem to “listen” to other radio stations!


KLMP has been a blessing in my life. Radio goes on when alarm goes off (AM) and kitchen radio is also turned on everyday. Keeps me focused for the day. Really enjoy morning through early afternoon as you have great speakers and enjoy the music as well.  God Bless you


Thank you for the positive message you bring to our Black Hills area. May God Bless You Abundantly


Thank you for Wonderful programs on KLMP. Here’s our pledge as promised.


We are back in Wyoming for the summer months. How wonderful it was to be back home and turn on the radio station and listen to KLMP – my all time favorite station.

I listen faithfully to Turning Point, Money Matter, Focus on the Family and Chuck Swindoll. My favorite artist is Fernando Ortega. Blessings, RL


Thank you for the encouragement you provide each day! I have listened to Christian radio for the last 25 years and just can't seem to listen to other radio stations.


I know that KLMP is a real light and voice in this area. It keeps me on track and focused on the LORD.


I listen to KLMP mostly – I don’t know if this is a combined effort with the other stations or not – but I know that your broadcasting is a real light and voice in this area – it keeps me on track and focused on the Lord! Thanks and God Bless


I cannot begin to tell you the blessing that KLMP has been to me over the years. After a time of choosing to walk a sinful and abusive path twelve years ago, I lost my family, my friends, my ministry and my church. I faced jail time and probation, and the loss of everything I held dear, almost alone. Even worse, I had to face the fact that I was the one who had hurt and abused the ones I loved more that anything in the world... my wife and children. People I had known for years and called my friends, including my pastor and people from my church, shunned me. Suicide was becoming a more friendly option by the day.

Through it all, however, there was KLMP. Though no one there knew me personally, and though none of the speakers on the programs had ever heard of me, KLMP was one of the very few who were there. God spoke to me over and over during my time in the desert through the programs on KLMP. The direction of my life has been forever altered and new ministry opportunities shown to me in great part because of all of you at and involved in the radio station. This includes everyone who has ever supported the ministry of KLMP financially or through prayer, or even by volunteering your time to answer phones during Sharathon. Every one of you has had and impact on my life (and now others through my ministry) and with tears of gratitude I thank you.

Over the years I have supported KLMP daily with prayers and occasionally with small financial tokens as I was able. Today my budget still says I cannot do anything financially, but I cannot shake the feeling that God is telling me to step out in faith and give a $1,000 one time gift.

Therefore, in obedience and faith, it is with much gratefulness that I send this gift, and I beg of others who hear God's call to join me. He may change another life by leading others to Himself, or encouraging someone to hang in there because He loves and has forgiven them. He may, though he ministry of Christian radio, heal broken hearts, minds, and families, or simply cause us to lean back, close our eyes and in grateful joy, worship the God who calls us His child an friend.


We love your station! JS


Thanks for all you do, you are a blessing to all who listen. God’s Love and Blessings. CA


Please use this wherever your need is the greatest. Thank you so much for all you do. I praise God every time I remember you in my prayers! AM


My husband enjoys listening to your radio station. He is a truck driver so he is in a vehicle a lot and it gives him comfort and peace. I listen to the station on my way to work and on my way home. Thanks for your program. MR


To all at KLMP, KSLT, and the Point – I want to thank you for your dedication and commitment to being par the ministry. It is an important aspect in spreading the “Good News” of Jesus Christ through our Black Hills community. Sometimes people can feel so alone and small in their effort to be a light in their workplace and in their community. Your presence and availability and offering of encouraging words helps me feel like I am a part of the army – God’s army. You have also been an important part of my walk in finding the personal relationship with Christ and in my faith growth. Keep up your good and noble and bold efforts in being a place that place can turn to. You are part of the steel fiber in what makes this country great and the Black Hills a great place to love. DL


Dear folks at KLMP, Thank you so much for all you do. Please keep on for truth, freedom and families. God Bless you and your families. God is great and good. Please trust God no matter what. KD


Dear KLMP, As per my phone call to you last week during your fundraising, I am enclosing my one-time $500 gift to keep KLMP on the air. I enjoy the station on my way to work each weekday and try to listen during my varying lunch hours. Thank you for making it possible to hear so many different Christian speakers each day! Keep up the wonderful work! In His love, R&S A


Dear KLMP,

Last year God spoke to me to give our money we won barrel racing – this year I prayed to win more for KLMP. As a lesson to our daughter I made her give a portion of her winnings at 6 years old she did not always understand. At some point I told her that God would give back to her 10 fold…so one night she said to me “where is my $10 from God?” I said “what?” She said, “you told me 10 fold.” We laughed. I explained he might not give you money; he may also bless you in other ways. She won her first belt buckle this year…God is good! TL


Thank you again for all that you do. Your radio station has truly been a blessing to me. God bless you and the station. TB


Thanks for your ministry. GB


KLMP – I just felt we needed to offer the following testimony as to God’s awesome power and faithfulness. My husband was listening to the Share the Light 2009 program and felt God’s calling to give an extra donation of $100 to your programming efforts. (We have been monthly $20 sponsors for two years or more.) When my husband called to share this news with me, I was proud of him for being obedient to God, however, I could feel the old pangs of wondering “how in the world are we ever going to be able to meet this pledge?” We had just had a discussion the evening before how we needed to be extra careful with our spending because things were tight. We have always lived paycheck to paycheck with nothing left to spare. We do tithe to our local church because we understand the principles behind God’s command and we try to provide other needs as we feel called but this was by far the biggest leap of faith we had responded to financially speaking. To make a long story short: God provided for us every step of the way as all of our financial needs have been met. To our surprise, we received two reimbursement checks for some overpaid medical bills that not only provided for this pledge but also gave us enough to meet another pledge that I felt called by God to participate in, all within a 2 week time frame. God is faithful. SA


Dear Radio People,

This is a steady listener of KLMP and love it all. I am in a wheelchair and can’t get up due to a bad hip, very crippled. I leave my radio on at night. It is very comforting and uplifting. I listen most of the day but am busy writing encouragement letters. Have study books that my daughter gave me. She knows I love to study school books. I study the Bible also. It is very wonderful. The teaching programs on KLMP are oh so good. I call it my Radio Bible school Always wanted to go to school but couldn’t afford it. My greatest desire is to be able to help support all the Christian teaching programs on KLMP. The wonderful music is a ministry of great value and getting better all the time. If I ever get away to make money, KLMP will be first on the list. I am sending my soldier’s letter to be read on your station. Thanks very much. In Christ. BB (A friend gave me $40, It is for KLMP)


Thank you for being such a great radio station to listen to. I listen to it everyday of the week. I always make sure to listen in the morning when you have on like the ALCJ and I listen to shows on after the ALCJ is on too and I love the music that you put on too. Hills Alive which you put on is so great to always go to also So Thank You for all You do!! JM


I wanted to let you know that this station is great!! I was soooooo tired of rock and country, and even 107.3 and 97.9 are a little too "rocky" for me, but one night I was scanning and this one popped up, and I fell in Love!!! I work from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am Wed - Sun, and have really started to make my journey back to Jesus because of the Pastors, music and testimonies that are "aired". One favor...could you please play "AMAZING GRACE" by Chris Tomlin, a little more often, especially at night while I'm working??!! Sorry if I've gone on too long, I got off work a little while ago and had to do this before I went to bed, so my brain is trying to tell me to sleep...Thank you again!!...


Dear Christian Radio Friends, John Derrek and All Concerned: In response to your request (on the radio) ‘who is your favorite teaching program on what’ KLMP, well it is impossible to discern which is the best! Since every one of them are so ‘special’. But since you asked, I will say in honesty I love them all, I will put down some of them. Weekdays – David Jeremiah, Focus on the Family, Truths that Transform, In Touch, A New Beginning. Saturday Focus on the family, Today’s Inspirational Music.

Excuse writing. Cataracts-can’t hardly see. Like I said, I love all the programs. I believe that the announcer’s comments are of great value in leading people to Christ. John Derrek’s comments along with the other announcers are doing a great work helping folks understand how to cope with life in this crazy mixed up world. Also the wonderful music helps the youth immensely, Keep it up! “You are indeed a Light in a Dark World!”

I can’t see much. Forgive this awful writing. Thanks Much! For giving the weather and the time so faithfully. Love in Christ, A Happy Listener, BB (Thanks for the KLMP schedule).


KLMP Radio – Please know I wanted so much to do better! But I have poor eyesight. I made about 43 crude ones like I’m sending you. I sent 30 to neighbors, friends, and relatives. I made a lot for the nursing homes and assisted care – but couldn’t finish some of them – maybe can do better next year. Congratulations on your very good programming. I couldn’t get along without it – I believe it has helped so much. BB


Thanks for the Gaithers Program on Saturday and Sunday! Would you also consider adding about a five minute reading of the old testament and a five minute reading of the new testament daily? Please use NKJV or NASB. ISA 55:10-11 Kent Watne


God bless you all for the hope and encouragement you bring to a dark and hurting world. I am greatly blessed by your ministry and I will keep you in prayer. KW


I love everything that you do from Hills to the radio programs you put on like ACLJ and more. JM


I do enjoy listening to KLMP alot. I enjoy the soothing Christian music driving to work and especially on the way home.


Last night I had watched a movie that put me in an emotional uproar. I can’t express how appreciative I am for KLMP. It was so soothing to me. It gave me such support. I know it was sent by God. It gave me everything I needed at that time. My wife passed away from cancer in 2006, I find peace in KLMP. I like to say that I am a born-again, baptized, blood-bought, charismatic, Catholic-Christian. Thank you for the work you do.


Enclosed is a small amount to help although I donate automatically each month. I also gave previously this year for Hills Alive. Maybe you should charge a small amount for individuals to attend as was done years ago. I & husband paid then. Economy is bad I know. I became a widow 4 years ago this month when my husband passed away. I have been blessed financially as we had sense enough to save for retirement. I have expenses of upkeep on my 1892 home I live in. It seems of people try hard enough and sacrifice, even you should receive enough income not to go in debt for KLMP.

I also donate to Trinity Broadcasting Network on TV as it is a great blessing to me. My health is such at my age of 89 years I cannot attend church regularly but give tithes and offerings to them. Your station does not come in as good on radio since you changed channels for here in Sturgis. Trusting you are receiving results to meet your defecit from your letter. Sincerely, a sister in Christ GH


I’m an old lady so I don’t especially enjoy your music, but that ok because it reaches others. I especially Chuck Swindal and David Jeremiah. EM


KLMP Radio, Please know I wanted so much to do better! But I have poor eye sight, I made about 43 crude ones like I’m sending you. I sent 30 to neighbors, friends and relatives. I made a lot for nursing homes, assisted care but couldn’t finish some of them, maybe can do better next year. “Congratulations on your very good programming, I couldn’t get along without it. I believe it has helped so much. BB Whitewood, SD


KLMP – I didn’t phone in last week but would like to commit to helping support KLMP monthly. I love Katie in the mornings!! It’s such a blessing to be at the table doing my bible lesson and be able to pray along with her. I love the music of KLMP. It is so calming and soothing to me . Nicole C and Crystal Lewis! Today “it is Well” was played & I told my husband, “I want this played at my funeral!” We are currently struggling with a decision about church (please pray for us!) and I sat at the table and wept as I listened to KLMP. Thank you! PS & I love Lorene in the afternoons & Dave Masters is the BEST and nicest guy EVER!!! Love PJ


Scanning the dial today -- and wow, came across the Gaither Homecoming Radio show. I had given up on KLMP, as I told the volunteers lately when I was called to resume the donation I used to make for there was too much screaming in the music. More of this please — I’ll gladly become a supporter again!! Can we please bring the Gaither Homecoming Radio show to Rapid City? Their tour schedule shows that they don’t come anywhere near here!


About 6:15pm last evening you played a song that really moved me! I loved it! Can you tell me who did the song, name of the song or album? Chorus: We will meet in the golden city…the new Jerusalem. Thank you, T


KLMP Staff! Thank you for all you do! God Bless You All! LF


Please Note: This is half of my pledge. I will send the other half next payday. Thank You In Christ CWK


Blessings on the work of our Lord you do! B


Enclosed is a donation for Christmas Wish. The stories on the radio made us realize how fortunate we are. Please use for a local person or family. If all the wishes are granted already, the money can be used for the radio station. We enjoy listening. Thank you. S&WK


God provides even if it is after the 9/30/11 date!! RL


KLMP – Thank you for your inspirational programming and good wishes for the annual pledge season. God Bless JB


We so appreciate the ministry of KLMP in our lives. When you tune into another station they all seem to be kind of missing something now. Didn't really ever notice that until we started listening to KLMP more. Thanks for being there and that is why we want to help you be there. Until He comes!